Environment and Money Saving Tips for Businesses

Whatever your business, all commercial organisations use water, energy and resources. Identifying and minimising waste throughout the processes you use will not only benefit your organisation financially but bring environmental benefits too.


There are some basic steps that could help your business to manage water and wastewater services and costs more effectively. Visit the Scottish Water website for guidance on how to draw up a water management plan, how to check for leaks plus suggestions for more efficient water usage.

Environmental Legislation

If you are a small business in need of help to navigate through the maze of environmental legislation, visit the NetRegs website. The site provides guidance on how to comply with environmental law as well as advice on good environmental practice.


A range of leaflets have been produced by Scottish Water to help businesses minimise the risk of pollution from their property. Depending on your type of business, you may find one of the following useful:

Have you heard of Vision in Business for the Environment (VIBES)? This annual award is open to any organisation operating in Scotland and aims to recognise and reward business success achieved by improved environmental performance.

Natural Flood Management meeting for land managers

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Eurasian Beaver allowed to stay

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