Work to tackle pink salmon in the Dee

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In 2017 pink 'humpback' salmon appeared in around 20 Scottish rivers including the River Dee. This is the first year that pink salmon have been seen in numbers in the UK and some of these rivers have confirmed pink salmon are spawning.

As a non-native species this is an unwelcome arrival in the river and work is underway to remove the fish and their eggs. Dee DSFB obtained an emergency licence to remove fish by netting and 25 pink salmon were removed over three attempts. 13 of these fish were sampled by the Fish Health Inspectorate for disease; so far, no diseases have been found but full testing is still underway.

In early september a new batch of pink salmon were seen cutting redds on the Dee. In total, 218 pink salmon redds have been identified. These have all been in the lower river, spread across five fishing beats. However, the total is likely to reach about 300 redds once surveys are complete.

All spawning redds are being counted, mapped and marked. Work is underway to destroy the eggs that have been laid in the gravel but this requires a huge manpower resource: approximately 4-6 man hours to remove eggs from one redd.

See the Dee District Salmon Fishery Baord website website for the full story.