Maidencraig Information Session

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Maidencraig Information Session

The Dee Catchment Partnership and Aberdeen City Council held two successful information sessions on the Maidencraig Flood Management and Wetland Scheme this week. This was to inform local residence and users of some innovative changes about to happen on site. Bancon's homes are required through their planning consent to install a new safe route to school footpath, linking the new Maidencraig housing development to Hazlehead Academy.

This area is known to be wet underfoot and the Aberdeen City Council flood team identified an opportunity to raise this footpath, creating a basin to trap flood water. This will function much like Stronsay park, filling with water in storm events, to safeguard houses from flooding downstream. The water will slowly drain into the Denburn through a pipe running under the new bridge. 

This development is part of the larger BEGIN project, which is trying to address the issue of flooding in Aberden City, whilst creating spaces for the community to enjoy and for wildlife to thrive. We hope that the new signs and habitat improvements that will run alongside these developments, will provide a revitalised feel to the area, and enhance the habitat for wildlife and local users.

Please see the site plan below for more informaiton, alongside the feedback gathered from our information session. If you would like any more information about the scheme please contact: