Promoting Rain Gardens for Schools at SNIFFER Conference

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We were delighted to speak at the SNIFFER conference yesterday that was promoting 'working together to manage flood risk'. We shared our techniques used and lessons learnt from engaging with the commnunity in Aberdeen through the BEGIN project. Most of this work has taken place at Fernielea Primary School and has involved:

  • Producing simple information on how water moves and is stored in the landscape
  • Using lego to design structures that can hold and divert water
  • Introducing the different features that could be built in their school grounds 
  • Asking the pupils to choose their favourite and where they would like them to go
  • Involving the parents with decision making
  • Delivering STEM activities to the pupils and attending a flooding showcase

We were joined with WSP consultant, James Travers who has been working with Whimpey Homes and Holytown Primary to plan and construct a rain garden in their school. This was inspired after going on a site visit to a local housing development at Torrance Park, the headteacher was so impressed that she was keen to have one of their own!

Abertay Universities Neil Berwick and Rebecca Wade were on hand to offer their expert advice to the breakout sessions. They are supporting the roll out the 'raingardens in schools' project in North Lanarkshire, alongside producing an education pack for teachers. 

Together the breakout session discussed:

  • How to get over the fear of water in schools
  • How you can design SuDS features to add value to schools
  • How to engage children to design solutions 
  • How SuDS can fit with the Curriculum for Excellence

Lots of great ideas and actions came out of the discussions, which we look forward to developing in the near future. It was very inspirational to be surrounded by such a large group of enthusiastic, innovative and visionary people.