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Take part in science

Enjoy the outdoors? Want to explore your environment and learn more about the nature right on your doorstep? Want to help UK scientists with exciting research? 

Why not get involved and help to manage and monitor it! You can help to collect the data and information that will improve understanding of Scotland’s environment by taking part in one of the many ‘citizen science’ projects that are running in Scotland. For example you could record sightings of animals and plants, observe local weather patterns, or help to monitor the quality of the air, land and water in your local area.

iDee App

The iDee App is available now for Apple devices and allows you to submit your own records of river conditions in the Dee catchment in the form of a geo-referenced photograph of the river together with assessments of water clarity, flow speed and algae cover. You can view records submitted by other people to see how conditions in the catchment change over time. Download the iDee app.


North East Scotland Biological Recording Centre (NESBREC) collects records of plants and animals living in the North East of Scotland and would like you to report records of plants and animals you see.  It is important that even the more common species seen regularly are reported. Submit an online reporting form.

Mammal Atlas  

A new initiative is underway to produce a Mammal atlas for North East Scotland and the Cairngorms National Park by 2015. The Mammal Society will also use this data to create the first National Mammal Atlas for over 20 years. Submit mammals to NESBREC using this form. Submit an online reporting form. 


The Open Air Laboratories (OPAL) network is a UK-wide citizen science initiative that allows you to get hands-on with nature, whatever your age, background or level of ability.

OPAL develops activities and resources, including their own national surveys, which allow you to get closer to your local environment while collecting important scientific data. OPAL also arranges and takes part in nature events and workshops around the country.

Scotland's Environment website

For a list of other environmental recording apps visit the Scotland's Envionrment Website