Blue Green Infrastructure

Blue Green Infrastructure (BGI)

We need to BEGIN to plan for our future. The climate is changing, bringing wetter and warmer conditions. Our towns and cities need protection from the risk of flooding, drought and a growing population. By providing Blue Green infrastructure (BGI), such as green corridors, bio-swales, permeable paving and rainwater harvesting we can adapt the land to become more tolerant of weather extremes, whilst creating spaces for us all to enjoy and networks for wildlife to flourish. 

The BEGIN Project

The Dee Catchment Partnership are delivering outreach for the BEGIN project, in partnership with Aberdeen City Council. This European Interreg funded scheme, looks to engage the public and practioners in seeking solutions to manage cities for the future. This involves planning for both water management and implementing a network of green infrastructure. 


What's happening in Aberdeen?

From Granite to Blue-Green

Aberdeen City Council floods team are looking at innovative ways to deliver their North East Local Risk Management Plan (2016-2022), which runs alongside SEPA's Flood Risk Management Strategy.  After successfully securing European funding, a working group was established to develop Green Infrastructure projects throughout the city. Three sites (Maidencraig, Fernielea and Summerhill) are being developed under the BEGIN banner,  with additional funding for capital works being supplied through Aberdeen City Council, Bancon Homes. and by Sustrans Community Links Programme. We will work with a number of schools, groups, householders and the local community to help them understand the importance of increasing our flood capacity, as well as highlighting the benefits that blue green infrastructure can bring to them.

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As a result of the Water and Environment Water Services (WEWS) (Scotland) Act 2003, Sustainable Drainage systems (SuDS) are now required by law for all new developments (excluding single dwelling and properties that discharge to coastal water). Many of these features can be found already in Aberdeen, a few of which can be viewed here. 

You can click on the SEPA flood map to discover areas that are prone to flooding and why it is important to hold flood waters back, up the catchment.