What we do

Catchment Management Plan development

The Dee Catchment Management Plan has been developed by a partnership of 15 Steering Group members and other representatives of organisations and agencies, as well as individuals who have volunteered to contribute their time and expertise to the process.

1999 In 1999 the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) collated the key water-related issues in the catchment into an Issues document. There was an initial public consultation on this document in 1999.

2003 Subsequently a Steering Group was formed to further develop the Dee Catchment Management Plan in light of the European Water Framework Directive and the designation of the River Dee as a Special Area of Conservation.

2004 Three Working Groups were formed to considered the responses to the 1999 consultation, and recommended solutions to the key issues.

2005 - 2006 These recommendations were collated into the draft Dee Catchment Management Plan which was put out for catchment-wide consultation in autumn 2006. In 2006 the views of the public were sought by the River Dee Catchment Management Plan Steering Group on draft proposals for maintaining and improving the water quality of the River Dee and its tributaries.

2007 The draft Catchment Managment Plan was reviewed in light of the feedback to the consultation. The first River Dee Catchment Management Plan was signed off by the Steering Group and published on 21 November 2007.