What we do

Catchment Management Plan documents

The Dee Catchment Managment Plan Action Pack consists of:

Summary report

A stand-alone summary of the full Dee Catchment Management Plan.

Action Cards

An Action Card has been developed for each of 37 Key Issues facing the catchment's waters. Each Action Card presents the key issues and a table of actions; each action has one or more lead partners as well as others involved in, or affected by, its delivery.

Thirty seven ‘Action Cards’. Each Action Card:

  • Addresses one of 37 Management Objectives.
  • Summarises the issue.
  • States the actions required in order to achieve the stated Objective.
  • Suggests the partners most appropriate to carry out these actions.
  • Lists relevant legislation, guidance and information.

The Action Cards are categorised under seven headings: water quality, water resources, development works, habitats, species, access and recreation, and sub-catchment management plans. Although they have been presented under these separate headings, it is important that the objectives are not considered in isolation; each card therefore lists the others to which it relates.


Lists of acronyms, glossary, bibliography, useful addresses.

Business Plan

This is produced every three years and sets out how ourselves and our working partners will deliver our work.