Dee Catchment Management Plan

Why does the River Dee need a management plan?

The River Dee catchment management plan was developed to help people work together to maintain these resources and make improvements where needed.

The River Dee's high quality water resources are a central asset for Deeside and Aberdeenshire. They underpin many aspects of the rural economy, providing a domestic water supply, waste water disposal, a habitat for wildlife, an extensive and varied recreational environment, and a basis for thriving tourism and salmon fishing businesses. Problems in one part of the catchment can reduce the environmental condition of the whole area. 

The purpose of developing the plan was to agree  This will help to ensure that everyone - from individual householders and farmers to government agencies - is working to a common plan.

What is the Dee CMP?

  • A document concerned with any activities that affect the quality of the water environment in the River Dee catchment.
  • A record of the current state of the Dee catchment (e.g. water quality, the type and extent of habitats and species in the catchment, important land management activities).
  • A summary of key problems and agreed potential solutions
  • A source of information about improvement works already taking place.
  • An agreed strategic framework for the activities and policies of partner organisations.
  • A long-term vision for the catchment's waters.