Discover the Dee

Dee or Tweed?

How well do you know your big Salmon Rivers?

Can you answer the six questions below? We ran this activity at the Royal Highland Show this year and got some interesting guesses!


How many stickers would you have got?


  • The Tweed is the longest at river at 97 miles, the Dee is 88 miles.
  • The Dee has the highest source at 1309m on the Braeriach plateau, the Tweed being lower in the Lowther hills
  • The Tweed has the biggest area at 5000km2 versus the Dee's 2108km2.
  • Rumour has it that the heaviest fish caught on the Tweed was 57.5 lbs and the Dee was 57
  • The Tweed flows through both Scotland and England.
  • The Dee is home to the Freshwater Pearl Mussel, which can live to over 100 years old!

Well done!