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Developing Green Networks

The Green Infrastructure Fund (SNH / ERDF)

The European Commission defines green infrastructure as “the use of ecosystems, green spaces and water in strategic land use planning to deliver environmental and quality of life benefits. It includes parks, open spaces, playing fields, woodlands, wetlands, road verges, allotments and private gardens. Green infrastructure can contribute to climate change mitigation and adaptation, natural disaster risk mitigation, protection against flooding and erosion as well as biodiversity conservation.” Green infrastructure is not just about greenspaces like parks and open spaces, it also incorporates blue infrastructure including sustainable urban drainage, swales, wetlands, rivers and canals and their banks, and other water courses.  

Green Infrastructure: Design and Placemaking guide - Provides an overview of Green Infrastructure, Scottish Government.

Green Infrastructure Scotland Scottish Natural Heritage leads on the Scottish Government’s Green Infrastructure Strategic Intervention (GISI), part of the 2014 – 2020 European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) programme. The aim of the ERDF is to invest in communities to help them to grow economic activity and employment.

Greenspace Scotland - supply a list of additional sources of funding available.

Living Landscapes - managing landscapes on an ecosystem scale to benefit people, wildlife and the economy.

Glasgow City's Region Green Network - Provide good case studies of work undertaken regionally.