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Facts and figures


Braemar is officially one of the coldest places in the UK. The lowest ever temperature in Britain, -27.2 degrees C, was recorded there in 1982.


  • Total length of the River Dee and it's tributaries: 1644.9 km
  • Length of the main stem: 141 km (88 miles)
  • The source of the Dee is at 1309 metres, the highest source of any major river in the British Isles
  • Catchment area: 2108.21 km2 (885 square miles)
  • A journey round the catchment perimenter: over 300 km
  • Average flow: 47.1 cumecs (at Park) - the equivalent of an olympic swimming pool full of water every 53 seconds
  • Highest mountain: Braeriach
  • Number of main tributaries: 17 (or so!)
  • Mar Lodge estate covers 29,000 hectares, and incorporates 15 Munros (mountains which exceed 914 m), including five of the highest peaks in the UK

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  • The River Dee and its tributaries provide domestic water supply for the whole of Aberdeen City and over half of Aberdeenshire.
  • Over 300,000 people drink water supplied by the River Dee each day.


  • The River Dee is an internationally important environment for wildlife and is designated a Special Area of Conservation (SAC) for supporting populations of Atlantic salmon, otter and freshwater pearl mussel.
  • The upper half of the River Dee lies within the Cairngorms National Park that is a stronghold for British wildlife, home to 25% of Britain's endangered bird, animal and plant species.
  • The Cairngorms are home to the largest area of arctic-alpine flora in Britain and the Cairngorm plateau and is one of the areas least affected by humans in the UK.