Discover the Dee

The River Dee is a valuable asset to all of us living and working here. It provides a vital water supply to half of Aberdeenshire and all of Aberdeen City. The Dee is a specially protected SAC river, featuring Atlantic Salmon, Otter and Freshwater Pearl Mussel populations. Anglers from around the world visit the Dee to try and catch an Atlantic Salmon or Brown Trout, helping to support the local economy. The Source of the Dee is found high in the Cairngorms mountains within the Cairngorms National Park, and it flows 88 miles through Deeside, into Aberdeen Harbour. It is often termed 'Royal Deeside' due to the royal family making Balmoral Castle their summer home. You can learn more below.

The catchment of the River Dee and its 17 major tributaries covers over 2000 km2 of north-east Scotland.  These watercourses flow from the Cairngorm mountains through a rich and varied landscape of moorland, woodlands, and farmland to enter the sea at the busy port of Aberdeen harbour. They provide habitats for a wide range of wildlife, including rare and threatened species, link the towns and villages of Deeside and underpin the rural economy of the area. The Dee Catchment Partnership has been working for over 14 years to protect, enhance and restore the waters of the Dee catchment through the implementation of its catchment management plan. In this website you can read about our work, download publications and links to information about the river, and find out how you can look after the River Dee.