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Reporting Invasive Plants

Why report INNS?

Collation of records in one central place allows better knowledge and understanding of the spread of INNS. Better understanding of the distribution and spread of non-native species will allow large scale co-ordinated action to be better targeted and improve the chances of success.


Who should I report them to?

Please use one of the following routes. All information goes to the same central database.

We recommend contacting the North of Scotland Biological Records Centre (NESBReC); who will process, pass on as necessary and retain for future use all records of non-native species.

Other avenues include:

Aberdeen City Council 

Aberdeenshire Council 

For further information on identification and reporting nationally please visit; Scottish Natural Heritage. This includes information on reporting 'Alert Species' and using the 'Nature Locator' phone app.

For an overview of Scotland's high alert species and to report species of concern please see; Scotland's Environment. All records will be shared with irecord and the NBN Gateway to ensure a collaborative approach to preventing the spread of INNS and future management.

Invasive non-native plant species on land adjacent to trunk roads can be reported through the ‘problem or defect’ form at Bear Scotland