What we do

Land Management Advice


DCP workshop for land managers and farmers, Belwade Farm,            DCP banner in support of the The NFM Network Scotland       

with support from Hugh Chalmers, The Tweed Forum


NFM workshop for farmers and landowners 

Flier and Agenda



Welcome and Introduction - Susan Cooksley, James Hutton Institute

An introduction to Natural Flood Managment techniques - Mark Wilkinson, James Hutton Institute

Implementing NFM measures - Hugh, Chalmers, Tweed Forum

Funding and delivery mechanisms - Paul Chapman, Farming Advisory Service


Funding and Advice Guidelines

SNH - Peatland Action Fund

Soil Association - Seven ways to save our soils

Forestry Commission Scotland - Woodlands for Water and the Forestry Grants Scheme

SEPA - Riverbank repair demonstration sites, Water Environment Fund

SRDP - Sustainable flood management


Information videos: High Water Films

Information Network - Natural Flood Management Network Scotland 

SEPA Flood handbook - Natural Flood Management Handbook