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Land managers

Legislation and regulations

DP GBR 18: Storage and application of fertilisers pdf link (2mb)

DP GBR 19: Keeping of livestock pdf link (2mb)

DP GBR 20: Cultivation of land pdf link (2.5mb)

DP GBR 23: Application of pesticidepdf link (1.5mb) 

DP GBR 24: Operation of sheep dipping  facilities pdf link (4mb)

DP GBR: Forestrypdf link (1.5mb)

DP GBRs Explained pdf link (2mb)

Priority Catchments pdf link (876k)

Guidelines and information

4 Point Plan – information for livestock farmers to help to identify and reduce diffuse pollution

Best Management Practices (BMP) Manual – information on identifying diffuse pollution risks via a DP audit, and list of measures that could help to reduce diffuse pollution risks

Dredging, Ditches and Drainage – how to reduce the need for, and impact of, dredging

CAR Practical Guide

Constructed Wetlands Manual       

Farm soils plan

Farming and Crofting – SNH information and guidance for land managers.

Forests and Water Guidelines (Third Addition) – The Forestry Commission Scotland

Prevention of Environmental Pollution from Agricultural Activity (PEPFAA Code) – The Scottish Agricultural Pollution Group guidelines

Rural Stewardship Scheme – an agri-environment scheme promoting good environmental practise

RSPB website – farming pages Rainfall Questionnaire for farmers - a simple questionnaire, tracing the path rainwater takes across your farm and ensuring that it stays clean before running into the burns that drain your land

Septic Tank Guide

Single Farm Payment Scheme - Compliance conditions


SEPA River Restoration funding

Voluntary Initiative

Farming and Wildlife

Pond Design – how to enhance the wildlife value of a new pond

North East Local Biodiversity Action Plan – Farming and Biodiversity

Riparian Management – how to improve the wildlife value of watercourses draining your land.

Organisations providing advice and services

Linking Environment and Farming – LEAF Scotland: helping farmers improve their environment and business performance

Scottish Agricultural College (SAC) – Farming and Environment Advice