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The Eddleston Water Project, Tweed Forum


  • The Tweed Forum has produced a number of non-technical summaries on the implementation of natural flood management methods. Further information on the flagship Eddleston Water Project is available from the Tweed Forum, and the following film sets out the project to date.


  • Stroud District Council - are working alongside the community and landowners to reduce flood risk and restore biodiversity by implementing a series of natural flood management techniques. Their project was a finalist in the 2017 UK River Prize and a project and technical film displaying their progress


  • Pickering Beck and Seven Catchments, Yorkshire: A catchment-scale investigation by Forest Research and others into the efficacy of NFM in Yorkshire, looking at measures such as bunds, moorland drainage blocking, and targeted planting. Individual measures have been quantifiably successful and there is anecdotal evidence to suggest that flooding has been at least partially prevented. 


  • Belford Catchment, Northumberland: A suite of NFM measures, targeted at flow pathways, were put in place in this small flood-prone catchment in Northumberland, with apparently great success. 


  • Exmoor Mires: Project which aims to restore 2000 ha of moorland, principally to improve carbon and water storage. 


  • Holnicote, Somerset: A multi-objective NFM demonstration project covering an entire catchment, typical of much of England and Wales. Studying a large range of NFM measures, and engaging with farmers key element. 


  • Pontbren, Wales: A farmer-led project which involved strategic tree planting at a catchment-scale, of which the impacts on flooding have been quantitatively measured. See a case study here.