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Logie burn re-meander

The Logie Burn, once a straightened watercourse through farmland in the middle Dee, has been transformed back to its old, meandering ways to help wildlife thrive.

The stream in Scottish Natural Heritage's (SNH's) Muir of Dinnet national nature reserve (NNR) had been straightened to improve drainage at some time in the past. However, straight burns tend to move sediment farther and faster, and support fewer wild plants and animals. Although dry, the old channel was still present and this gave an opportunity to improve the site by reconnecting the stream to its previous course.

The Dee Catchment Partnership carried out the work to restore the burn to its meandering route, using well-tested techniques for restoring rivers. The new design traps more sediment in the burn. This means that any flooding will be in a part of the reserve where it will benefit wildlife and reduce sediment getting into the lochs, without affecting nearby farmers.