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Flooding showcase at Fernielea primary school

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We were delighted to be invited along to Fernilea Primary school in Aberdeen on the 17th of March to watch their 'Flooding Showcase' event. The Primary 5 -7 pupils spent a week learning about flooding via the free STEM Resource Kit, provided by the Scottish Council for Development and Industry.  The week ended with a series of demonstrations and diplays, where all of the pupils shared what they had learnt with the other classes. It was a huge success, great fun and it definately raised awareness of flooding to the next generation of budding engineers.

A big thank you you to Lisa Walker (Head Teacher) and Kate Gardiner (Principal teacher) for the invite!

Preparing a flood kitDiscussing what causes a flood?Which soils absorb water best?Being aware of risks locally

Making a flood alarm using circuitsFiltering water and making raftsThinking as an engineer building bridgesCreating water pumps Making light beaconsAssembling water tight buildings

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