Introducing the Dee Catchment Partnership

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What is the Dee Catchment Partnership?

The Dee Catchment Partnership is a group of organisations that have been working together since 2003 to restore habitat and water quality in the catchment of the River Dee. The body is one of four such organisations in Scotland, along with the Tweed Forum, the South Esk Catchment Partnership and the Spey Catchment Initiative. The Dee and its tributary burns, lochs and streams are essential to our local communities, businesses and wildlife, and strongly affected by the wide range of activities taking place in and around Deeside. From planting trees and controlling invasive plants to improving river access and installing raingardens in schools, the Partnership’s work focuses on ensuring that the waters of the Dee catchment are used in an integrated and sustainable way that is beneficial to everyone. Over the next 12 months we’ll be sharing regular articles from the Partnership, highlighting their activities in the catchment. 

What does the Partnership do?

•Brings together local bodies involved with the waters of the Dee
•Follows a detailed action plan, agreed by a wide range of stakeholders from the Cairngorms National Park Authority to the Aberdeen Harbour Board
•Works to improve the shape of riverbeds and banks
•Tackles invasive plants
•Encourages  good management and expansion of woodlands, wetlands and heather moorlands
•Reduces pollution and flood risk
•Protects and restores habitats for flora and fauna
•Provides advice and information to landowners, communities and visitors

What are the benefits?

•Better supplies of clean, fresh water
•Enhanced landscape, flora and fauna
•Increased resilience against extreme events like flooding and drought
•Protected and improved fish stocks
•Capture and storage of greenhouse gases
•Increased tourism and recreation opportunities

 Who are the funding partners?

•Aberdeen City Council
•Aberdeenshire Council
•Aberdeen Harbour Board
•Cairngorms National Park Authority
•Forestry Commission Scotland
•James Hutton Institute
•River Dee Trust
•Scottish Natural Heritage
•Scottish Environmental Protection Agency

Partnership staff

Susan Cooksley, Partnership Manager, James Hutton Institute, Aberdeen, AB15 8QH

Marina Piper, Outreach Officer, River Dee Trust, Dinnet, AB34 5LA