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Priority catchment

Diffuse pollution priority catchments have been identified by SEPA as catchments failing to meet environmental standards. The Dee is one of fourteen priority catchments, containing some of Scotland’s most important waters (for conservation, drinking water, bathing and fishing), that have been selected using a risk based approach for action in the first basin planning cycle. Work will also include the mitigation of other water environment impacts, such as morphological change, abstractions, flooding and alien species, where these are also causing waterbody downgrades.

This is a three-tier targeted approach 1) Intensive catchment walking to establish an evidence base; 2) raising the awareness amongst stakeholders and land managers; 3) individual farm visits to provide guidance.

Contact: Catchment Co-ordinator Eddie Nicol, telephone 01343 547663.

Update 2010: The Diffuse Pollution Management Advisory Group (DPMAG) have published the first Scottish Rural Diffuse Pollution Plan.The River Dee (Grampian) has been announced as a Priority Catchment 2010-2015.

Update 2011: The Dee catchment walks have been completed.