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Download this resource sheet giving information and ideas on how we use the River Dee, potential problems for us and the river, what you can do to help and getting you thinking about 'your river, your future'.


Understanding Flooding


Click here to download our flooding information sheet.


The Yellow Fish Project 


Click here to download the adult yellow fish template complete with the answers, the blank template and the 'Drain care guide'. 

Promote healthy drains in your households, school and through the local community! 

Over the past two years, over 550 young people have completed the Yellow Fish Project. The aim of the project is to raise awareness of their local river and what young people can do to help the river and their local environment. By the end of the project, young people will know what they can do to keep the River Dee clean and healthy. 

What can I do to help my local river?

  • Use less water
  • Recycle as much as possible
  • Put rubbish into litter bins
  • Only put correct things down the toilet and sinks at home and at school 

Incorrect items put down household sinks and toilets cause problems for the River Dee by reducing water quality and negatively impacting wildlife that depend on the Dee. 

The Yellow Fish Project can be completed in schools in one morning or afternoon session, using the materials below. Each pupil can think about what should and should not be out down the toilet at home and at school. Once they have thought of a list they can add them to the Yellow Fish door hanger and decorate the other side with facts about the River Dee

Yellow Fish Classroom PowerPoint

Yellow Fish Blank Door Hanger

Yellow Fish Adult Door Hanger

For more information, The Drain Care Guide


DCP Dee Riverbank Resource Box

In 2005/06 Dee riverbank resource boxes were distributed to schools and ranger services within the Dee catchment containing education resources on the natural history, geography and history of the River Dee catchment.  

Using feedback from schools the resource boxes have been  updated to one smaller box containing posters, books and an updated Teachers Folder. The aim of the box is to make it easier for teachers to teach and children to learn about the River Dee.

The content of boxes vary slightly with some different books. 

Teachers Folder Contents:


What does this box contain?

Part 1 - The River Dee Story

Part 2 - Classroom and Outdoor Activities

Part 3 - Useful Online Resources

Part 4 - Going Outside

            Ranger Services in the Dee Catchment

Part 5 - Activity Sheets Introduction

            Activity Sheets 1-48

All Teachers Folder to print


Environmental Education Websites

Cairngorms National Park Learning Zone

Forestry Commision - Outdoor and Woodland Learning (OWL)

James Hutton Institute Schools

RSPB Discover and Learn


Education Scotland - Flooding

Scottish Natural Heritage Teaching Space

Scotttish Water - Cleaner, fresher learning

Young Engineers and science club Scotland

STEM Learning - Rivers

For a list of environmental education providers within the Dee catchment see Ranger Services in the Dee Catchment.