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Upper Dee Morphological Improvements

Aberdeenshire Council / Cairngorms National Park Authority / River Dee Trust / RSPB / Scottish Environment Protection Agency / Scottish Natural Heritage

This project is identifying options for restoration in the floodplain area upstream of Braemar. As seen in the photo below there is an area of riverbank that has been reinforced with unsuitable materials (old cars, rubble and other waste). Currently a project group is finding out the potential of pollution release from these materials before works can begin to remove them. By removing the embankment the river will be able to reconnect with it's floodplain creating an area of wetland which will be provide a great habitat for wildlife. The wetland will also act as a sponge to help slow the rate water travels through the catchment, absorbing water to reduce river levels in times of high flow and releasing water to boost river levels in times of low flow.

Cars to be removed from upper Dee riverbank

07 August 2015

Around 16 old cars, tonnes of concrete, rocks and boulders - packed into the banks of the Dee upstream of Braemar in 1984 - are to be removed to restore the riverbank. With its corrugated iro...
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