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What's happening in the North East?



Large woody debris, Gelder, River Dee Trust                                                 Live willow fencing beside tree enclosures, Baddoch, River Dee Trust


  • The North East Green Network has produced a summary of some of the project work carried out throughout the area in the following report; Natural Flood Management Project, Gap Analysis Report.
  • The River Dee Trust and board, has been busy installing a number of large woody debris structures and live willow fencing along many of the upland streams in recent years.
  • The current Dee and Don Riparian Habitat project (River Dee Trust) works with landowners and farmers, supporting them through SRDP funding to install riparian woodland, wet woodland, buffer strips and off stream waterings.
  • The Dee Catchment Partnership is preparing a demonstration site in Tarland, displaying a series of leaky dams, large woody debris structures and field bunds. 
  • The Cairngorms National Park has their own Peatland Officer and is working with the Moorland Partnership group and local estates to deliver Peatland restoration, through the Peatland Action Fund.
  • Aberdeenshire Council are working with the Dee Catchment Partnership to discuss proposals for NFM alongside the new Ballater Flood Scheme.



Riparian water margin, River Dee Trust                                                            Car bank removal, Upper Dee, River Dee Trust


Catchment Models

We have been out and about throughout the year with our flooding models, raising awareness of beneficial land management practises. Click here to find out more.

DCP flooding models at the Cairngorms Nature Festival

DCP stand at the Royal Highland Show, hosted by the James Hutton Institute


DCP 'Managing flooding naturally' leaflet                  DCP 'Flooding education sheet'                                  DCP 'Flooding Models'