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The Dee Catchment partnership (DCP) is the umbrella body representing, coordinating and working for the interests of everyone involved with the River Dee in north east Scotland. The Partnership formed in 2003 to protect and improve the waters of the River Dee Catchment. Click here to view our partners and staff.

What we do...

Our work covers the River Dee, its tributary burns, lochs and wetlands, as well as water-related habitats and species. Our partners, the management plan that shapes our work, the delivery plan that describes our projects and the publications we have produced, can all be accessed here. 


The River Dee is regarded as one of the cleanest Scottish rivers but impacts from a range of sources have significant collective impacts. The DCP works towards addressing these impacts through integrated catchment management. This is achieved by communicating and coordinating management practises across the catchment and providing information and support. This integrated approach to catchment management results in cleaner water and more stable flow levels bringing a better environment for wildlife, less severe droughts and floods, and an improved environment for all river users. Click here for an overview of our projects.

Locally we provide opportunities for networking and project development with our working partners and river users. Regionally we contribute to the North East Advisory Group for River Basin Planning and the Local Advisory Group for Flood Risk Management. Nationally, we work closely with the Tweed Forum, Spey Catchment Initiative and South Esk Partnership. Internationally, the Dee Catchment Partnership is a member of UNESCO's Hydrology for Environment Life and Policy network of exemplar river basins.