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Drain Campaign: Yellow Fish project and Drain Care Guide

Dee Catchment Partnership / Aberdeen Harbour Board / Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) / Aberdeen City Council

The Yellow Fish Project raises awareness of how our drains work, where they go and which things can do a lot of harm if they go down the wrong (or any!) drain.

The Project was delivered to 27 Primary 3/4 children at Tullos Primary School in Torry in March 2014. Most children hadn't visited the Dee upstream from Aberdeen but some had visited Duthie Park. The children learned about how they can reduce pollution in the River Dee by recycling as much waste as possible, putting litter in the bin and putting only the right things down drains, sinks and toilets.

The children added what they had learned to Yellow Fish door hangers they had made, and the fish were also decorated with smiley faces, moustaches, beards and top hats! The class then held an assembly to tell the rest of their school about the Yellow Fish Project. Parents  attended the assembly and it was a great way of getting the messages home to famillies. We have since created printed Yellow Fish materials for school groups and for use at events.

Take Part

We are running the Yellow Fish Project with after school groups during early 2015 and plan to run it with local schools.  If you know of a school or group who may be interested in the Yellow Fish project please contact Joanna.

Yellow Fish Project is similar to Yellow Fish Road run in Canada which over 5,000 children take part in each year. Trout Unlimited Canada who runs the project kindly sent materials to be used on the River Dee.

Yellow Fish is UK wide initiative and materials have been produced by SEPA (Scottish Environment Protection Agency), The Environment Agency (the Environment Agency has a separate guidance manual for businesses) and Keep Wales Tidy.

The Drain Care Guide

To complement the Yellow Fish project, we created the Drain Care Guide to give householders useful information on how they can improve water quality by putting only the correct things down household drains, sinks and toilets. Following the do's and don'ts will also help householders save money by reducing the incidence of blocked drains.

The leaflet is being distributed alongside the Yellow Fish Project to help spread the message to parents, friends and family. Read the Drain Care Guide.

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Aberdeen City Council

Aberdeen Harbour Board

Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA)

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We have created two Yellow Fish door hangers; one to hand out at events and one to use with schools and after school groups. 

Yellow Fish door hanger for householders

Yellow Fish door hanger to use with school and after school groups

The Drain Care Guide leaflet

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